Building with TRUECORE® steel is an investment for the future. This is because TRUECORE® steel frames from Fortitude Frames are 100% termite proof and come with a 50 year warranty* from BlueScope Steel.

Why choose anything else?
Building with steel is the obvious choice.

More information on TRUECORE® steel can be found at:

*Warranty subject to application and eligibility criteria. For full terms and conditions and to determine the eligibility of your building for the warranty see or call 1800 022 999. TRUECORE®and Bluescope are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved.

Naturally Termite Free

The Building Code of Australia specifies chemical and physical termite barriers only where structural members are subject to termite attack. A steel frame is resistant to termite attack and a house built with a steel frame without a termite barrier is a reasonably safe option for an owner. The safest possible options are a steel frame plus non-structural fixtures of termite-resistant materials, or a steel frame plus a termite barrier. Visit the National Association for Steel Framed Housing’s (NASH) Termite Information Site.

Non Combustible

Steel is non combustible and does not add fuel to a fire. The elimination of combustible material, such as timber in frames and roofing, can have a tremendous influence on preventing the ignition of a fire. It can also slow the speed of a fire, reduce the intensity and potentially reduce the damage and cost caused by fire.

Sustainable Material

Steel framing is ideal for energy efficient building designs. Steel framing is recyclable. Every piece of steel framing is used – there are no offcuts wasted. Hole punch outs and other odd bits of steel are 100% recycled.

Easy to Build

Our steel frames are builder friendly. All steel frame components are supplied clearly labelled. Wall panels and roof trusses are preassembled. On site assembly is simple. Components are easily screwed together. Service holes are prepunched. Walls are true, ready for plaster to be hung. Steel frames are compatible with your choice of interior floor, wall, ceiling and roof materials.

Fully Engineered

Steel frames supplied by Fortitude Frames are fully engineered.


Innovative steel frame technology means pricing is competitive with other quality framing solutions.

Trouble free

Steel frames are shrinkage free. No sticking door and window jambs. No cracking cornices. Steel frames expand and contract at rates reasonably similar to those of other building materials, such as cornices and plasterboard. No sticking door and window jambs. No cracking cornices. Walls, ceilings and roofs stay straight and true.


Steel frames are ideal for concrete slabs and sub floor construction. Steel frames have excellent spanning ability, a natural for today’s wide open living spaces. Steel frames are electrically safe, designed so that any electrical leakage is conducted safely straight to the ground.

Homeowners_Slideshow_Assembling the wall frames at FAD Steel_640x284

Assembling the wall frames at FAD Steel

Homeowners_Slideshow_Completed house Designed and Built From Scratch by FAD Steel_640x480

Completed house Designed and Built From Scratch by FAD Steel

Homeowners_Slideshow_Consulting the plan_427x640

Consulting the plan

Homeowners_Slideshow_Delivered and being positioned ready to stand_640x427

Delivered and being positioned ready to stand

Homeowners_Slideshow_Each piece of frame is individually labelled and identified_640x480

Each piece of frame is individually labelled and identified

Homeowners_Slideshow_New FAD Steel house frame 08 2012_640x480

New FAD Steel house frame

Homeowners_Slideshow_Rollforming of the steel components with the Enduro machine_640x426

Rollforming of the steel components with the Enduro machine

Homeowners_Slideshow_Screwing a wall to the slab_427x640

Screwing a wall to the slab

Homeowners_Slideshow_versatile design possibilities_640x478

Versatile design possibilities

Homeowners_Slideshow_A new FAD Steel home frame_640x480

A new FAD Steel home frame

Homeowners_Slideshow_A wall is craned into position_427x640

A wall is craned into position